Company: Self | Year: 2020 | Role: Printmaker, fashion, product, & package design

One of a kind upcycled ensemble and dress, with branding and packaging to go along. ​

Repurposing fabric (curtains and bedsheets) through the use of screen printing, I touch on the theme of reconnecting bodies with the planet, and the vastness of nature in comparison to humans.


Bedsheet "Labor of Love" Pants + Shirt

The ensemble was once two bedsheets I bought and upcycled. The screen-printed pattern was created by me via a hand-carved of a topographical map of Cuyahoga Falls. I chose to further explore the theme of the interaction of our bodies and environment through the topographical design of a place I had just hiked.

Sheer "Labor of Love" Dress

The pattern of leaves for the dress was chosen with the interaction of color, shape, and overall the translation of experiences and the earth in mind through a hand-printed process. 


I’m really interested in the engagement of the abstraction of patterns with sheer layers and its ability to connect us to the environment and things we surround ourselves with.  There is true beauty in our everyday lives and in nature that we often don’t think about - and my dress was a reflection of this.


Process of making the dress