The Project

Loving again, a new way.

I'm Analiese - an environment enthusiast and creator of my own shop for unique clothing.

With a rise in fast fashion and growing textile waste, adopting a circular economy is crucial. Through my year-long project “reLove” I want to revive love for garments by giving them new life. Working every week on a new piece of clothing, I will upcycle thrifted or donated fabric and give it a new form and fit in an attempt to empower those who wear it to feel confident in themselves and their choices.

My passion for printmaking and fashion began in high school and since then, I have studied it in college classes - as well as in Venice where the idea behind Blooming Creations came to be. Seeing directly what global warming was doing, I chose to make a difference with our current environmental issues while supporting my passions, non-profits, and allowing others to feel empowered by my pieces. I use my shop to fuel my need to take part in making sure that fashion conserves and restores the environment - rather than deplete resources, degrade soil, pollute our air and water, or harm our health.

My designs touch on a theme I’ve revisited ever since finding art - that of connecting our bodies with the planet and exploring how what we wear and the choices we make can empower us and the planet. I hand-print and hand-carve the designs, sew the garments, find the thrifted fabrics, plus keep up the website and handle photography, content creation, promotions, branding, shipping, and packaging. It’s been a journey since graduation in December of 2020 and finally having the time to create this space where people can enjoy and feel confident wearing what I create, while also fueling art, ethical fashion, sustainability, and hope.

I hope to inspire myself and others while embarking on this project, and ultimately allow others to understand that a sustainable closet is attainable, and accessible as we approach crucial times in reversing this crisis.

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