Week 2

The goal:

This week, I wanted to learn how to make the beloved bucket-hat! I had been seeing so many quirky and fun hats people were wearing and wanted to learn how they were made.

The outcome:

I was pretty disappointed with this hat - it didn't fit right and took longer than expected to make a pattern and then sew on the sherpa. It was too bulky since I used such thick fabric and ultimately ruined the fit and feel of the hat - it serves a purpose somehow and somewhere, though!

What I learned:

1) How to sew in a circle

2) How to make something reversible

3) The importance of cleaning the sewing machine after projects!

What I would tweak in the future:

I would try and stay away from such thick and fluffy fabric - like Sherpa - and stick to regular sorts of fabric like cotton or denim for ease. Or do a thick fabric on one side, but not the other to improve flow.