Week 3+4

The goal:

Over the course of two weeks, I wanted to make a matching sweatsuit utilizing different sweatshirts I had thrifted. I used the first week to make the top, and the second week to make the bottoms, hat, and tote.

The sweatshirts had imperfections or really weird graphics that I cut out and made sure to salvage in some way and am really excited with how low-waste this project was and interesting in thinking of ways to rework garments into something new and shiny!

The sketch:

The outcome:

This has to be my favorite garment so far. I put sooo much time, effort, and energy into this one in order to get it to come out the way I wanted it. It is a result of a lot of lessons learned on the job, and a lot of correct guessing! Also at the end using scraps to make a bucket-hat and tote was amazing. Overall so fun to make and so fun to shoot with that I hope to make more like this.

What I learned:

1) How to sew together curvy blocks of fabric

2) how to translate a sketch into a pattern

3) How to make a mock-neck

What I would tweak in the future:

In the future I would topstitch over all the blocks to ensure comfort and aesthetics. I ran out of thread so I gave in and left the edges surged, which I wouldn't want to do again in order to keep it professional.