Week 5

The goal:

This week, I used odd-sized scraps to make more bucket-hats! After what felt like a flop on my first hat, I wanted to redeem myself and really figure out how to make a good hat. You know what they say - practice makes perfect!

The outcome:

While I feel far from perfect, these hats made me feel more confident in my ability to know how much thickness in a fabric would be best, and feel comfortable making them in the future.

What I learned:

1) TENSION!!! (idk how I went this long without trying to turn this dial - total game changer!)

2) How to leave an edge unfinished

What I would tweak in the future:

Still working on making a "perfect" bucket-hat, but definitely getting closer! A little more attention to seams and tension and I think that will go a long way in the future - as well as fabric choice.