Week 6

The goal:

To turn a vintage dress suit into a comfy loungewear set to wear around the house. These days when we are mostly stuck inside - they are all the rage! And for good reason. Putting on something so coordinated always boosts my mood - and these are even comfy?! It's a win-win and I'm so happy I hoped on this trend and up-cycled my own unique knit loungewear set

The outcome:

I'm overall satisfied with this piece! I made a whole matching suit that is wearable and comfy - something I could not have done a year ago. I'm impressed with how well it fits and how much I got out of one little dress suit!

What I learned:

1) how to optimally rework already made clothing

What I would tweak in the future:

Something I need to learn how to do is work with knits, and how to make the edges less lettuce-y. The bottoms on these pants are imperfect - but still have a use!