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I’m Analiese (An-ah-lees). I use she/her pronouns. I’m currently a Junior Art Director at Ignition Creative working with a talented team to create the key art posters you see on my homepage.


While I specialize in graphic design, I do consider myself  a multi-hyphenate creative person - dabbling in printmaking, photography, pattern-making, and sewing as well.


And along with all of these creative passions, curiosity is my greatest forte! I live my life as a sponge, always absorbing new skills, knowledge, and passions within art/design and in my life.


In fact - some of my favorite hobbies I have gotten into as an adult are backpacking, yoga, skating, running, and most exciting of all - surfing! I'm originally from the midwest, so I find the ocean on the west coast so fun to surf.



Tidbits about me


My Bucket List

  • Attend a surf retreat in Costa Rica

  • Backpack the entire PCT trail end-to-end

Favorite Designers & Artists

My favorites

Books & Podcasts

  • Creative Pep Talk by Andy J Pizza

  • How to be a Badass by Jen Sencero

  • Brand Thinking by Debbie Millman


  • Parasite

  • The Woman King

  • Barbarian


  • Suay Shop

  • Headspace 

  • Fashion Revolution

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